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A workshop for research software engineers


Directly following the Digital Research Conference, the Oxford e-Research Centre are pleased to be hosting A Workshop for Research Software Engineers, a free event from the Software Sustainability Institute.  We hope that many of you attending our conference will stay in Oxford for this event, being held at Oxford e-Research Centre aimed at an important group who currently do not benefit from a defined community.

About the workshop

Research software engineers are the people behind research software. They not only develop the software, they also understand the research that it makes possible.

Software is a fundamental part of research, and research software engineers are fundamental to good software. Despite this, the role is not well understood in the research community. This is something the Software Sustainability Institute is campaigning to change - starting with a workshop for research software engineers.

We will bring research software engineers together to talk about new tools and interesting work, to share ideas with people who do the same work, and to discuss how we can overcome the problems that are faced by all research software engineers - like gaining recognition and reward for their work.

The term research software engineer is new, so many people who fulfil the role will not describe themselves in this way. To help judge whether you should attend the workshop, we've put together some questions:

  1. Are you employed to develop software for researchers?
  2. Are you a researcher who now spends more time developing software than conducting research?
  3. Are you employed as a postdoctoral researcher, even though you predominantly work on software development?
  4. Are you the "person who does computers" in your research group?
  5. Are you not named on research papers despite playing a fundamental part in developing the software used to create that research?
  6. Do you lack the metrics needed to progress your career in research - like papers and conference presentations - despite having made a significant contribution with software?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should attend the workshop for research software engineers.

To find out more - or to register for the event please visit the Software Sustainability Institute's website.

UK e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum

Also running after the main conference on Wednesday 11th September will be a meeting of the UK e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum, to be held at St Anne's College.

A Call to Action... Our recent forum meetings have focussed on information sharing, particularly around the e-Infrastructure investment. In our second meeting of 2013 we are shifting the emphasis much more towards the users and their requirements: our goal is to generate a prioritised list of actions that the academic user community seeks, so that this can be fed into other national e-Infrastructure meetings.  Hence we have structured the day with requirements in the morning and actions in the afternoon, and invited a range of speakers to give short talks under either heading. Please come along to this meeting not just to hear the state of play but to be part of the voice of the community.


  • David De Roure (meeting host, previously ESRC National Strategic Director for Digital Social Research)
  • Clare Devereux (Secretary to ELC) - Update on Year On Report, and horizon scanning
  • Jeremy Yates (DIRAC) - Project Directors' Group update / Dirac perspective
  • Martin Hamilton (HPC Midlands Centre Manager) - Making e-Infrastructure Accessible to Industry
  • David Wallom (Oxford e-Research Centre) - Academia-Business e-Infrastructure requirements in Smart Cities


  • Steve Brewer (Network Coordinator, IT as a Utility, RCUK Digital Economy) - A Communities Perspective
  • Neil Chue Hong (Director, Software Sustainability Institute) - A call to action: removing challenges to capability [afternoon]
  • Matthew Dovey (JISC)


To sign up for this event please fill in the registration form found here.